The Role of Myofunctional Therapy in Treating Speech-Language Pathology

Are you a doctor considering certification in speech-language pathology? If so, then you may be interested to know that an up-and-coming therapy is becoming increasingly helpful for treating this specialty: myofunctional therapy. However, you may be unsure what this branch covers or if it would benefit your patients.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what myofunctional therapy entails and how it works so you can make the most of it. After all, you should have all the information necessary to give your patients the comprehensive approach they deserve. We hope this provides insight into why incorporating this physical therapy into your practice can benefit your patients’ overall success! Let’s look into it!

View SLP Therapy From a New Perspective

Myofunctional therapy looks at speech-language pathology from a new perspective. It focuses on improving the body’s neuromuscular functions to support language production. By improving muscle strength, coordination, and control of the jaw, lips, tongue, and other structures used for speaking and swallowing, myofunctional therapy can enhance speech clarity and fluency.

The Goals of Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy looks to develop the muscles and structures used in speech production. This includes:

– Strengthening jaw, lip, tongue, and palatal muscles;

– Improving airway control;

– Developing proper posture for speaking;

– Working on tongue placement;

– Creating proper breath support

– Improving muscle coordination for various speech sounds.

Myofunctional therapy aims to help those with speech and language impairments achieve greater articulation, aural comprehension, and reading skills. Additionally, it is used to help treat conditions such as stuttering, childhood apraxia of speech, and dysphagia (swallowing disorders).

Help Your Patients Enjoy All The Benefits This Therapy Offers

If you treat patients with Orofacial Myology Disorder or similar conditions, you’re familiar with these individuals’ daily struggles. That’s why helping them access all the benefits of Myofunctional Therapy is so important. By taking advantage of this therapy, your patients can enjoy improvements in various aspects of their lives. Here are some benefits this therapy provides:

– Improved breathing control: This therapy helps your patients control their breathing better, allowing them to speak more clearly and fluently.

– Improved muscle tone: Myofunctional Therapy improves the tone of muscles in the lips, tongue, jaw, and other structures used for speech.

– Better posture: Improved posture can lead to improved articulation. Myofunctional Therapy works to improve posture and overall body awareness.

– Improved muscle coordination: This therapy helps coordinate muscles used for speech production, including articulation of certain sounds.

– Increased self-confidence: By enhancing your patient’s speech production ability, this therapy can help increase their overall confidence.

Gain The Necessary Knowledge And Expertise To Assist Your Patients

The best way you can help improve your patients’ lives is by taking the necessary steps to become a licensed speech-language pathologist. If you don’t have the time to take a long course, there are intensive alternatives to expand your knowledge. That way, you can gain the tools to help others without compromising your practice.

Including myofunctional therapy in your certification can greatly enhance the quality of care you provide. It is an essential component in supporting and treating speech-language disorders, and it can potentially improve many patients’ lives. If you can take a course in this kind of therapy, it would be highly beneficial for your practice.

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