Want To Learn More About SLP? Here’s Our Introduction to Myofunctional Therapy

Are you a doctor who’s just started to get certified in Speech-Language Pathology (SLP)? Getting the pieces of the puzzle together can seem daunting – but don’t worry, you’re not alone. You should be able to take your time and examine every topic with patience and understanding to provide the attention your patients deserve. 

One area that often comes up is Myofunctional Therapy, which can help patients address airway and feeding issues. That way, they can also develop better speech and articulation skills. In this blog post, we’ll provide an informative introduction to this therapy so you feel more equipped and have greater insight into the topic. Let’s dive right in!

Why is Myofunctional Therapy Important?

Myofunctional therapy consists of exercises that help retrain the muscles around the mouth. That helps to improve your patient’s ability to swallow, speak, and even breathe properly. Myofunctional therapists also focus on posture and tongue position to optimize these activities.

In addition, with a combination of facial massage and breathing exercises, myofunctional therapy can help to improve the patient’s overall quality of life. They can boost their confidence and self-esteem as they learn new skills, get better control over their speech, and even eliminate sleep apnea.

How Does The Therapy Work?

Speech-language pathologists specializing in myofunctional therapy are trained to conduct comprehensive evaluations, create individualized treatment plans, and guide patients through the therapeutic process. That way, they can provide their patients with the right education, support, and guidance to help them achieve optimal oral function and improve their quality of life.

Each therapeutic plan is tailored to the patient’s needs so they can address their specific issues and maximize the results. This may include exercises focusing on oral-motor strengthening, facial muscle coordination, breathing retraining, tongue posture correction, and jaw alignment.

Top Benefits of This Therapy

Myofunctional therapy provides numerous benefits to both children and adults. Whether your patient has Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder or any other speech difficulty, this therapy can help them in many ways. Here are the top three benefits:

  1. Improved Speech and Swallowing: Patients can better coordinate their speech muscles with regular practice, improving vocal clarity and articulation. It also helps with swallowing difficulties so they can enjoy nutritious meals again.
  2. Reduced Airway Resistance: Myofunctional therapy can help reduce airway resistance and eliminate sleep apnea. That way, your patient can enjoy better sleep and more energy during the day.
  3. Improved Quality of Life: With improved speech, swallowing, and breathing abilities comes an improved quality of life. Your patient will gain confidence in their skills, express themselves better, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

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